Juice Plus+®

Juice PLUS+® Complete

Juice PLUS+® Complete contains vegetable proteins of a high biological value, simple and complex carbohydrates with low glycaemic index and a controlled intake of the necessary calories and fat, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and fiber, all from natural, plant food sources.

Balanced healthy nutrition for a complete variety of uses:

  • Ideal "on-the-go" breakfast
  • Healthful anytime snack
  • Healthy meal
  • Pre-workout energy drink
  • Post-workout recovery drink

Juice PLUS+® Complete is excellent for SPORTS PEOPLE if used as pre-exercise energy drink , thanks to its carbo-hydrates content and low Glycaemic index, Juice PLUS+® Complete supports long and intense training sessions. But it is also a great post-workout recovery drink thanks to the balanced contribution of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals, Juice PLUS+® Complete replenishes the energy levels.

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